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Mike Smith, W3C

Mike Smith


HTML5: The making of the modern Web platform


The making of the modern Web platform is a work in progress, with a broad variety of new browsers technologies being added, at a variety of different levels of complexity and maturity. This presentation will provide an overview of some of those technologies -- features from the HTML5 spec, from CSS3 specs, and selected technologies from more than 40 other specs which are currently in development in various W3C working groups. The presentation will take a look at which browsers have implemented the features, with an eye on giving you an idea of which features you can use now -- which are "market ready" -- and which features are not there yet.


Michael[tm] Smith joined the W3C in 2007 as part of the W3C Mobile Web Initiative, then shifted to working more closely on standards for browsing technologies; in particular, the phenomenon known as HTML5, as well as other standards related to APIs for Web applications. He's been based in Tokyo since 2001. Prior to joining the W3C, he worked for Opera Software, and prior to that, for Openwave Systems - most of that time involved with design, development, testing, and deployment of software for mobile operators in Japan.

Mike Smith on HTML5:

"These are really exciting times. We're in the midst of a generational change to the Web, and that change is at least as transformative as the early days of the Web. HTML5 is the buzzword that many have come to use to describe the change, but really the change is about making the Web a fully-featured application and communications platform—what we're calling simply the Web Platform. And we really are just at the beginning of building it. It's the platform that our children and our children's children are going to be using for their lifetimes, and the platform they're going to keep building on further. It's the platform for the future."