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Sven Schmeier, yocoy GmbH

Sven Schmeier

yocoy GmbH



The past, present and future of yocoy's product development. Sven Schmeier, CTO yocoy GmbH, will talk about yocoy's first steps using web based technology, the current products based on offline app-based technology and future web-enhanced developments based on HTML5. Yocoy is the 50th spin-off company of the German research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) founded in 2007. The idea behind yocoy is to overcome language barriers by using mobile software that serves as a personal translator, a travel guide and a navigation system. The basic principle for the products of yocoy is: The relevant technology is the right technology at the right time.


Computer Scientist and Computer Linguist - is an expert in Machine Learning, Language Technology and Mobile Software. He is patent holder in the area of document classification. Currently he is CTO of yocoy and Senior Consultant at the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI).