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Stephan Haux, Netbiscuits GmbH

Stephan Haux

Netbiscuits GmbH
Director Product Management

HTML5 – Mobile Paradise?


HTML5 is hot in the internet community. Even as an unfinished standard with slow adoption of its coolest features, the buzz formed a tipping point for mobile applications and the trend now favors browser based over native apps. The concept of descriptive markup taken to a new level opens new use cases for mobile devices and web technologies.

This presentation reflects 10 years of pioneering commitment and the lessons learned from hundreds of mobile web projects to extrapolate mobile web sites based on today’s cheap powerful hardware, the strength of mobile browsers and the still widely undiscovered opportunities of HTML5 on the go.

In the case of situation awareness, spontaneous and frequent interaction with the surrounding world plus a little help from the cloud, we are looking at a new universe where HTML5 is one of the fundamental integrating concepts.


Stephan Haux is Director Product Management at Netbiscuits and responsible for evaluating new product-related business opportunities, managing the strategic and tactical product roadmap as well as improving product specification and documentation processes. Stephan is very experienced in managing teams and products in an international environment and a respected expert in cloud-computing. Furthermore, he frequently speaks at events, briefs journalists and engages with the analyst community in all parts of the world.

Before working at Netbiscuits, Stephan was a Senior Product Manager for EMEA at Iron Mountain Digital overseeing EMEA activities for determining market requirements for going to market across their product and service portfolio. He also held various international positions with SAS, including Team Leader and Product Manager. Stephan has more than 20 years experience in IT and Marketing, covering areas from ERP, CRM, Business Intelligence and Performance Management.