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Markus Drews, Neofonie GmbH

Markus Drews

Neofonie GmbH
Head of Creative

Designers! Finish your specifications! (or the developers will)


HTML and design have been living in two seperated worlds for years. The world of design is a world full of fancy tools that spit out static images that can only give a vague idea of how the resulting website is meant to look and work. The world of frontend development is not only a world of mark-up and code, but also a world of fantasy: it’s all about imagining how a design specification would look like if it showed facts the developer needs. In his talk Markus Drews thinks about of how to bridge these gaps and claims: “Designers! Let HTML become your favourite design specification tool!”


Markus Drews is heading the Design department at Berlin based software development company Neofonie. He has more than 12 years experience in design and frontend development of websites and web applications. Having a passion for connecting designers and practitioners from different related disciplines he also acts as a leader at the local interaction design community IxDA Berlin. Markus holds a Master’s degree in Design from University of Applied Sciences, Potsdam.