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Klaus Birkenbihl, ict Media GmbH

Klaus Birkenbihl

ict Media GmbH

HTML5 - critiques' corner


HTML5 is great. It extents the potential of HTML4/XHTML1 to a platform for documents, communications and networking, and portable (mobile) applications. Technically beside accessing HTTP(S) servers it provides APIs for device access, low level access to GPUs and Server Sockets and multi threading. Most important: there is no alternative in sight. But HTML5 -as most technical systems- also comes with some oddities. These range from divergent answers to the question "what is HTML5?", some nebulous design criteria, conflicting statements about the creation process, down to some curly specifications for syntax/semantic and APIs. Just because HTML5 is the future these deserve a closer look. This HTML5 critics corner will give some examples and try to find explanations.


Klaus Birkenbihl, CEO of the ict Media GmbH, holds a Math degree from University of Bonn. He worked many years at the GMD National Research Lab for Information Technology and Fraunhofer in research, development and teaching. Since 1997 much of his work was with W3C. He launched and led the W3C Office Germany and Austria till 2005, was member of W3C's Advisory Committee (representing GMD and Fraunhofer), was on W3C's Advisory Board (2004-2005) and joined the W3C team in 2006 as Head of W3C World Offices till 2010. In 2007 he launched ict-Media GmbH. He is board member and treasurer of ISOC Germany.