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Prof. Dr. Felix Sasaki, DFKI, W3C Fellow

Prof. Dr. Felix Sasaki

DFKI, W3C Fellow

Multilingual Web in and through HTML5


HTML5 is changing the world and the Web – and this is true for the multilingual Web too. More and more content is being created in a growing number of languages. Translation using human translators or language technologies (LT) like machine translation is billion dollar market, and HTML5 content is the main content type both for content production (see e.g. its role in Windows 8 Metro) and for the localization industry. To facility translation and localization of HTML5, this year W3C has started the MultilingualWeb-LT (MLW-LT) Working Group. MLW-LT defines metadata that enhance quality and speed and lower the cost for the localization process; a simple, yet important example is the “translate” attribute, which recently has been added to the HTML5 draft and is already taken up by the Bing and Google machine translation services. In addition and based  on work that already has been done for XML content, MLW-LT will provide metadata that eases workflows including content creators, providers of language technology and localization services.


Felix Sasaki studied Japanese studies and linguistics. He did his doctorate in the field of computer linguistics and worked for 4 years at the Wold Wide Web Consortium (W3C) in Japan in the field of Internationalization, Web Services and Multimedia Meta Data. He is professor at the University of Applied Science Potsdam and Head of the German-Austrian office of the W3C. His focus lies on multilingual (Meta)data and services in the web.